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Club for the Gravitationally Enhanced
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This is a club for big women to support each other, uplift each other, encourage each other and identify with each other. Another purpose of this club is to promote fat acceptance and make companies and other people aware of our presence in order to make it so that big people may live lives that are free of discrimination based on weight and/or size. Being large and/or fat does NOT make you ugly, it does NOT make you bad or necessarily any unhealthier than anyone else. We are here to promote confidence, put an end to stereotypes and promote self-acceptance within each other as big people so that we may go forward and help others, as well. So come on in, feel free to join in and make yourself known!

We have just a couple of guidelines we'd like for you to read before you join:

  • This is NOT a dieting club. Please do not join with the intention of trying to get us on a dieting program or tell us about how much weight you've lost on such-and-such program. The purpose of this club is to be happy AS WE ARE.

  • Please respect each other. Everyone sees themselves in a different light, so please consider that when you join.

  • Please try to be understanding and compassionate whenever someone is feeling low or down on themselves. The purpose of this club is to support, encourage and uplift each other.

  • Any fat-bashers, insulting people or people who join with the intention of harrassing others will be banned immediately.