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Tell Yahoo about their avatars!!!

For those of you who use the newest messenger, version 6.0, you'll probably notice that you can make your own customizable avatars that are supposed to represent your appearance. Did you ever notice that everything that they offer for avatars is geared to thin, popsickle-stick women? I wrote them this message (And so can you. The more people who write, the better we will be heard.)

Here's the link to the form where you can choose "suggestion" and write one in the space provided:


AOL Click here

Here is the message that I sent to Yahoo, just in case you were curious:


I'm writing in with a suggestion for you when it comes to Yahoo! Messenger Avatars. I applaud you for making all skin tones and all hair types/styles available to everyone to choose for their avatar, but you're missing a large part of the picture, literally! All of your avatars are of thin women and they all look like they weigh 100 lbs. There isn't a single face, shirt, pants or anything catered to big women. If you're trying to make it a diverse selection, perhaps adding stuff for big women (and I don't mean "size 12" big women) would really be a nice advantage for me and people like myself. Many of my friends (including myself) are 300 lbs.+ and we'd also like for our avatars to resemble what we look like, too! Give us a chance, Yahoo! Thanks for hearing me out!


If you've decided to take a stand, comment and post your letter!
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