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Anyone else?

Has anyone else (I KNOW lactwn has) had bad experiences with the staff and/or doctor about their weight? It seems like anywhere I go, no matter what problem I have, even if it's a freaking cold or ear infection, my weight is somehow to blame. After awhile, I wouldn't go to a doctor who won't address the real problem, but boy I can NOT stand this one nurse!

Yesterday, she kept talking to me yet AGAIN about a weight loss program and about losing weight....this is the same nurse that's mean and has made my mom cry before, and she's also tried showing me about this program EACH time I go to this doctor, I think once has she NOT tried giving me the brochure about this weight loss program. EACH time I said "NO", the doctor even said NO because the problem isn't my diet. Yesterday before she called me back into a room, she comes out with the brochures yet again and goes "I know that even though you're vegan, you might be interested in this, cos they're going to be moving to another hospital" I said "No, you've showed me a THOUSAND times, I do NOT want that!!!" She said "Ohhhh, I've showed you before??" I go "Yes, ALL the time!" then my friend (who knows how the nurse is) goes "YEAH, she's doing GREAT! *I* help her out!", then the nurse goes "Oh, ok" and takes the papers back in. Then when we get into the room, when she's checking my vitals, I think she didn't believe my friend and thought she was lying about being an herbalist cos she goes "What are you again? Where are you located? Where again? How close to the ****** bridge? On Highway 98? What side of the road is it on?" and my friend answered all her questions, it sounded like an interrogation. I think the nurse is mad cos I don't hate myself, and she thinks I should cos I'm fat. She's always making remarks to me, like yesterday when I weighed, I lost 4 more pounds and she goes "That's cos you said you didn't eat yesterday, right?"(I said I had hurt too badly to eat the day before) I said "No, I've been doing good on my food!" and my friend goes "Yes, she has!" and the nurse touches my arm and goes sarcastically "Suuuuure you haaaaave..." It made me so mad...then when the nurse came back out to give me my spinal tap schedule (more of those, yay!), I asked her if steroids would make me gain weight. The nurse said "yes" and I said "Funny, cos I just got a steroid shot yesterday and I STILL lost 4 lbs." and right after that my friend goes "Yeah, and if she lost 4 lbs. STILL after taking the shot, then that means she's lost even MORE weight than than!" then the nurse goes "Maybe you really did lose weight then...." Also, she said it'll be a shame cos the weight loss management was gonna be moving to another hospital (their scale weighs people who weight over 350 lbs. I'm at 365 now.) and I said "Yeah, well it won't be long and I'll be able to weigh..." and she cuts in "on OUR scale!! Keep up the good work!!" My friend said she thinks the nurse overheard me talkng about how much she hurt my feelings and made me mad, so that's why she was nicer when she came out....who knows.....but one of these days, I'm just going to have to get her TOLD if she starts that crap with me again, cos like Dee Snider "I'm not gonna take it"!
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At least you don't get the brochures on that biartric surgery.
Craig had it done, he likes it, but man, you being vegan would have a REALLY hard time with that surgery.
Not that I think a doc would want to do it on you anyway because of the other problems you have, the FMF thing being one of them.

Still, tell that nurse to shut the F up or you'll sit on her.
I've gotten brochures on that before, a doctor's office once even sent me a packet to fill out the "qualification papers" for one. All of my doctors say that it's a bad idea because 1) The problem isn't my diet, it's my lack of mobility from all the disorders I have and 2) If I get my stomach stapled, I won't be able to even walk around comfortably for like 2 months, so that kinda defeats the whole purpose. Plus, it just sounds scary.

Deleted comment

OMGOSH YES ME, TOO! I think they're part of the problem making not-fat-but-big-boned people think they're fat, cos when I was 11, I was 5'7" and 160 lbs., but I fit into a size 7/9 and the doctors kept telling me about my weight, making me think I was fat.

Something I have found out throughout the years, though, is that normally when you have a problem that the doctor can't diagnose, they just blame it on your weight. That's why I won't go to a doctor who knows about my weight situation, yet keeps on my case for it, and won't give me proper treatment for my health issue, but tells me to lose weight, I HATE that!
Remember I've said in my journal before how the doctor was really bitchy about me getting the depo-provera shot for my periods and contraception because I was fat - she said I couldn't have it because it'd make me fatter *excuse me, but last time I had it I was fine!!*
That is so stupid, because I'm a LOT fatter than you are and the doctors have recommended putting me on birth control for my period problems. That doctor you went to is full of crap and I'd find another one who actually wants to help you.