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Does anyone know of any good clothing stores that sell nice clothes for big women? Places that don't just sell monotones or flower/stripe prints? I know Hot Topic has plus sizes, but I think they only go up to 2x, and I need at least a 3x. Has anyone ever ordered anything from torrid.com?
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theres this place near where i live and its called ashley morris ... i think , i just know that they first name is Ashley, but ill find out more when i go out to the store
Be sure and let me know! I'm not a clothes-horse, but I would like to get a couple of nice outfits for church or "professional" meetings/appointments.
i dont know if this was already put in your journal , but im going to put it again just incase it didnt

the name of the place is called ashely stewert and they have sizes from 14 to 26
Thanks.....I don't think they have them here, but others might be able to find one =0)
and then theres another place called samantha i dont know what there sizes are but ill find out sooner or later :D

love ya
I've bought a few things from the Roaman's catalog. They have a lot of nice things. You can request a catalog at their website. I usually only buy new clothes for special occasions, though. I mostly shop at thrift stores.
My mnm used to get their catalogs, I don't know if she does any more. I wish we had vintage stores around here. I'm tired of only finding moo-moos or stripe/flower prints, allthough I do know that Hot Topic does have some nice clothes for big women. Though I don't think if I had an appointment to meet with a coroner or homicide investigator that it would look real nice if I showed up in a Morticia dress and a collar around my neck =0)
It's good over here in the UK, fashion shops etc seem to be very good when it comes to making clothes in larger sizes. I'm a size 18, which I think is a US 14 or 16. A lot of people tell me that it's really not that large, but given that most scottish people look emaciated, pale and weak, I guess I maybe look like I'm on the large side LOL. Typically, people here are between size 8 and 12, which would be 4 and 10 for you US people :) I personally wouldn't like to be THAT skinny as I think that curves are more attractive.

If anyone wants to browse plus size stores in the UK online, I can give you some URLs just out of interest :)
It would probably be expensive to have it shipped all the way over here, though, huh? Here they have nice clothes for people in the 14-18 range, but once you pass that and especially start getting into the 24+ sizes, you start getting the "circus-tent" clothes with either stripes or flower-prints.
To go a bit further on your comment about "once you pass that and especially start getting into the 24+ sizes, you start getting the "circus-tent" clothes with either stripes or flower-prints", don't U also notice that clothes for bigger people are RARELY ever cotton?? I prefer to wear cotton since it's the most comfortable. But NO, we gotta wear polyester, rayon, and whatever other bad materials they make our clothes with. Are we not worthy enuf to be comfortable and have style when we dress?
Yeah, I know, and they're all these HUGE moo-moo's. I was really excited when I noticed a clothing store for big women was going to open up in Pensacola, but when I went there, it was all the same things that Lane Bryant, The Avenue...etc. carry for people over 40. What else irritates me is that they make really cool clothes for really big men, but we have to look like snuffelupagus.
How about Avenue or Lane Bryant? Avenue goes up to size 32 and Lane Bryant goes up to 28 I think. Good luck.
I don't like their style of clothing. I'm 22, I don't wanna dress like I'm 42 =0) All they seem to have is solid colors, flower and stripe prints. I want some cartoony, colorful stuff =0)
LOL U're right. I haven't been in a big men's store so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it's all about solids and flowers and stripes, that makes us look even fatter! LOL No luck for the big women of the world. And the clothes are EXPENSIVE as hell. BTW, check out Eddie Bauer. They're having a sale on clothes and they do go up to 3X on some clothes. Check out their website. Good luck.
That's where I get almost all of my clothes lol. I really would go to one, cos all of the other places suck and are too expensive lol. Some flea markets actually carry cool things for big women, believe it or not.
Yeah Eddie Bauer doesn't have bad stuff but I don't like their limited styles. I rarely go to flea markets so that's out for me. LOL I'm fine w/ Lane Bryant/Avenue for now. I hope to lose this weight sometime before I'm 30 LOL
Well, the flea market I'm talking about isn't one of those cheap, skanky ones, it's actually pretty nice =0)

I don't like casual clothing...I like flashy, bold stuff =0)